Papers organized by subject:

Covering Designs

  • Coverings, (with Douglas Stinson), in Handbook of Combinatorial Designs, second edition, (2007) pp. 365–372.
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  • New constructions for covering designs, (with Greg Kuperberg and Oren Patashnik), Journal of Combinatorial Designs, 3 (1995), pp. 269-284.
  • C(12,6,3)=15, (with Oren Patashnik, John Petro and Herb Taylor), Ars Combinatorica, 40 (1995), pp. 161-177.

Difference Sets and Related Designs

Coding Theory

NOTE: There is a typo in Table I, which was found by Cary Huffman. The third permutation should have a 6 between the 21 and the 5.

Computational Number Theory